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#1771Excessive login or logout messages are a sure sign of senility.
#1772FACILITY REJECTED 100044200000;
#1773Feeling amorous, she looked under the sheets and cried, "Oh, no,
it's Microsoft!"
#1774Fellow programmer, greetings! You are reading a letter which will bring
you luck and good fortune. Just mail (or UUCP) ten copies of this letter
to ten of your friends. Before you make the copies, send a chip or
other bit of hardware, and 100 lines of 'C' code to the first person on the
list given at the bottom of this letter. Then delete their name and add
yours to the bottom of the list.

Don't break the chain! Make the copy within 48 hours. Gerald R. of San
Diego failed to send out his ten copies and woke the next morning to find
his job description changed to "COBOL programmer." Fred A. of New York sent
out his ten copies and within a month had enough hardware and software to
build a Cray dedicated to playing Zork. Martha H. of Chicago laughed at
this letter and broke the chain. Shortly thereafter, a fire broke out in
her terminal and she now spends her days writing documentation for IBM PC's.

Don't break the chain! Send out your ten copies today!
For example, if thinmskip = 3mu, this makes thickmskip = 6mu. But if
you also want to use skip12 for horizontal glue, whether in math mode or
not, the amount of skipping will be in points (e.g., 6pt). The rule is
that glue in math mode varies with the size only when it is an mskip;
when moving between an mskip and ordinary skip, the conversion factor
1mu=1pt is always used. The meaning of 'mskipskip12' and
'baselineskip=thethickmskip' should be clear.
-- Donald Knuth, TeX 82 -- Comparison with TeX80
#1775Fly Windows NT:
All the passengers carry their seats out onto the tarmac, placing the chairs
in the outline of a plane. They all sit down, flap their arms and make jet
swooshing sounds as if they are flying.
#1776"For that matter, compare your pocket computer with the massive jobs of
a thousand years ago. Why not, then, the last step of doing away with
computers altogether?"
-- Jehan Shuman
#1778FORTRAN is a good example of a language which is easier to parse
using ad hoc techniques.
-- D. Gries
[What's good about it? Ed.]
#1779FORTRAN is for pipe stress freaks and crystallography weenies.
#1780FORTRAN is not a flower but a weed -- it is hardy, occasionally blooms,
and grows in every computer.
-- A.J. Perlis
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